LET THERE BE LIGHT !  Such an impressive change in my "used to be dark kitchen".  I still keep thinking someone forgot to turn the lights off ..... and this is a Cloudy Day. 
Without a doubt, I would recommend your solatube products, and your company a thousand times over.  It's also  so good for the environment!

Richard and Albert just left about 1/2 hour ago.  Couldn't wait to give  them a 10+++ on their job so well done.  From the day Richard came to map out a drawing for the Condo association's approval, to the installation, I met a REAL man who cares about quality in all he does.  He was courteous, respectful of our property and home, right up to the last cloth and vacuum clean-up they did prior to leaving.  Installers Trained and certified can make all the difference in the world. 

I feel like a kid who got an early Christmas present as I jump with glee to see a room where I spend so much time get so transformed with Nature's Light.
Now I'm off to brag about my bright kitchen and all of you.   Grazia mille (a thousand thanks)


"Tubular Lighting"!!
              My husband and I recently had three Solatubes installed in our home...two in the kitchen and one in the family room.  We are amazed at the amount of light the Solatubes provide.  Our rooms were quite dark in the daytime and we always had lights on throughout the day....now this all changed!  Our experience with your company has been top notch.  Kitty in your sales office was outstanding.  She walked me through the entire process in a  very friendly manner.  The install crew (Richard, Albert, and Evan) were polite, knowledgeable, efficient, and most importantly extremely neat and clean.  I did not have to clean one thing after they left and believe me I can now see everything in my rooms.  The crew spent time explaining the install process, as well as any care and maintenance of the Solatubes.  Thank you for the "tubular" experience and superior service you provided us.  Your professional manner with which you conduct your business is outstanding.

Bette and Sal

Dear Rich,

           I thought you would be pleased to know that although the tornado that zipped through our development two weeks ago severly damaged our roof, ripped the top off the light post and sent it sailing like a ninja star into the neighbor's house and toppled several trees in the backyard, the Solatube remained in tact! That was certainly enough to brighten my day

​    Lin


          We are very happy with the two Solatube installs in our great room. We purchased one for the kitchen area and one for the family room area. Richard provided excellent suggestions on placement for maximum advantage of the light.The install was very professional and made no mess. Best of all, our electric bill has been cut in half!

Greg and Sylvia

Richard Ruscin installed 2 14" Solatube Skylights in my condominium in Tallmadge, Ohio.  One was for my Living Room and one for my Kitchen.  My living room only has windows on the west and north side and my kitchen has no windows at all and was very dark and tunnel-like.  I was amazed and delighted with the amount of beautiful natural light these 2 Solatubes provided. I was extremely pleased with Mr. Ruscin's professionalism and work ethic.  He explained the whole process to me in detail prior to the installation. In order for me to be able to have the best possible placement of the Solatube for my kitchen he even built a shaft from the roof down thru my loft  to run the tube thru.  When he was finished it looked like an original part of my interior, not an addition, and he even found molding that matched the existing molding in the rest of the room. He & his crew were always prompt, courteous, and neat.  They worked hard with no breaks (not even lunch!).  He always used drop cloths and made sure everything was neat and clean when he left. I am always proud to show my neighbors, friends and relatives the Solatubes and everyone that sees them comments on how beautiful they areand how much natural light they provide.  I could not be more pleased with both the Solatubes and Mr. Ruscin's installation!


         We had an addition put on our house that covered the window in the hall bathroom. It, and the hall it was on, were too dark. We had a Solatube installed in the bathroom and wow! What a difference! For months we would go to turn off the light only to see it wasn't on, it was the Solatube. We liked it so much we had two more put in our kitchen a few years later. They replaced the existing overhead lights and with the light kit they do double duty, sunlight during the day and electric light at night. The guys did a great job with the installations and cleaned up after they were done. We couldn't be happier!

Greg and Cindy

         My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to commend All Natural Lighting Solutions on the professional job they did for us. We recently purchased a brand new condo and requested that our builder use the Solatube products, and to our dismay the builder installed a less expensive knock off brand by Velux. Being that my wife is involved in looming fine fabrics and we needed pure clean white light in her studio, that is not color shifted. We were so appalled with the performance of the Velux product. We contacted Richard Ruscin the owner of All Natural Lighting Solutions and the Premier Dealer/ Installer in Northern Ohio. Mr. Ruscin, promptly resolved the issue for us, by replacing the Velux units with the Solatube products which we had asked our builder for originally. We wish to thank Richard and his installers for the profesional superior job they did for us. We absolutely love our Solatube Skylights!



 Rich put in a Solatube in our bathroom. Our main bathroom had no window and was off the hall. With the Solatube we are able to use our bathroom, day and night without turning on the light in the bathroom. The Solatube reflects light especially on a moonlit night into the hallway, eliminating the need for using the hall light. After that we had two Solatubes installed in our kitchen. Again we have no windows in our kitchen and at night we are able to walk through the kitchen with no problem without the need to turn on a light. During the daytime, on cloudy days, we still have enough light in this area.    We would strongly suggest if you have an area that is dark without any window, considering having the Solatubes installed. They are very professional, and leave the area very clean after their work. We have never had a problem with our Solatubes. 


Barry and Norleen


4057 Clague Rd North Olmsted OH 44070 us
thank you and your nephew for today's install. Your rip-and-replace of our prior Velux tube was a great success. The prior install was among the worst product instal I have ever seen (thanks to our builder's poor choice in sub-contractors). But even when the Velux was working (before the tubes fell away from the roof bezel) the product let in less than 25% of the light that the new Solatube 290DS lets in. You did a great job and made my wife very happy. Today is a pefectly sunny day - so the Solatube provides bright light in our otherwise dark room. As a prior Solatube customer, we know what our experience is going to be on the first cloudy day and at night - a room that is still full of light!
Thanks again - Mark